Awesome hair.

Cleanse, condition, clarify – period.
Our products are made with very simple natural ingredients:

(distilled water – this is what everything else mixes into)

Lauryl Glucoside
(sugar combined with a fatty alcohol made from coconut oil – this is what cleans the hair and scalp)

Agar Agar
(this comes from algae –  it makes the product thicker)

Xanthan gum
(this is fermented soybean proteins, maize [corn] or wheat starches – it’s another way of thickening)

Natural Oils
(aromatic – they smell great)

Herbal infusions
(natural herbs, boiled to release their fragrance – just like tea!)

By only putting good stuff into our products, we make sure no bad stuff makes it into your hair! Since our products don’t have preservatives in them, we make them fresh – you should use the product before it expires. Don’t worry, we’ll make more when you need it!